What is Push to Talk

Push To Talk is a way to conduct a conversation by using a button on your smartphone screen to switch from transmit to receive mode. Faster than a phone call, it’s a simple way to ask questions, share info with other teammates using Push to Talk rather than typing a text message or waiting for someone to pick-up.

How is Push to Talk different than a phone call

Phone calls allow users to talk simultaneously at the same time (known as “full duplex”). Push-to-Talk uses “half-duplex” meaning only one person can talk at a time and must wait until the other stops speaking before a message is transmitted back.

Phone calls can have one or more more people on it. Push-to-Talk channels typically have multiple people on, though one-on-one is also possible. 

Using Push to Talk

Push to Talk is an add-on feature to the Zinc All Mode Communication platform. Once enabled, users will see the PTT icon enabled and ready for use. 

Users can see up to 4 channels at a time while in PTT mode.  Users can push on the button to talk on whichever channel they want to communicate with. They can also set up the ability to listen on all the channels, or only the ones they select. 

Users can work in another mode at the same time as they are listening in a Push to Talk Channel. For example, a user can switch back to a texting conversation and share a file or photo while still listening to a Channel stream. However, in order to speak, they would need to switch back to the Push to Talk screen, hold a button and talk. 

When to use Push to Talk vs sending a message

When you are in front of a customer, trying to multitask and need to get an answer quickly, typing may not be the best option, thus Push to Talk is a better mode to use.  

Additionally when you need to get information out quickly and don’t have time to type out a message, PTT is a better alternative. It also works well  when you need to communicate something very important and need an answer from different people that are on the same channel. 

When to send a message rather than using Push to Talk

In a scenario  when the information is not so critical and you don’t need an immediate answer. Additionally, you may want to share content links or a video or picture which you cannot do using Push to Talk.  

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