What devices can I use Push to Talk with?
Push to Talk works with any iOS or Android device. 

Can I use Zinc Push to Talk with an iPod Touch?

Yes, iPods are a cost effective way to roll out devices to a large staff if there is only a need to communicate while connected to a wifi network.  If you are considering an iPod roll out there are some requirements on your network to achieve a good user experience:

  •  A network with minimal dead spots; Zinc requires a network connection to receive messages. Users in dead spots will not receive messages. If a user is disconnected from the network long enough, their device may go into a sleep mode and will not reconnect to the network.  
  • 802.11r fast roaming enabled.  The nature of Push-To-Talk technology requires a message to be sent to a  device to start streaming audio.  This message is sent using mobile push notification (Apple Push Notification Service and Google Firebase). For mobile push notifications to work,  devices must maintain a connection with the network.  In large areas where Wifi  is deployed using an access point, there is a delay in the device switching from one access point to another.   By enabling 802.11r fast roaming,  a device is able to switch from one access point to another in a fraction of the time, resulting in a more stable connect to the mobile push notification services.  

Can a desk user communicate with a deskless user over Push to Talk?
Not at this time, they can talk to you in any of the other modes, or use their mobile device.

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