Can I have a Push to Talk conversation with a group of people?

Yes.  For organizations that have Push to Talk enabled, every Zinc group has an associated channel with it.   Simply add the group you want to talk to and you’ll immediately be joined to that channel.  Others in the group will also need to join the channel so they can talk and listen too.  

Can I have a Push to Talk conversation with just one person?

Yes, a user can join a channel with just one other user.

Can users not in my group have a Push to Talk conversation with my group?

Yes,  if the group is an official group, and is set up with a public conversation. As long as they are part of your Zinc organization.

Can I use Push to Talk with people outside of my Zinc organization?

In order for you to have a conversation with someone outside your organization, that individual must be part of an organization that has also enabled push to talk. They must be part of the same group in order for you to start a Push to Talk conversation with them. 

Users outside of an organization cannot participate in an organization's open channels, only organization members can participate  in a open channel.

How does Push to Talk work when a user is logged into multiple devices?

A user can be logged into two  or more devices at a time.  Push-to-Talk configurations is specific to each device so a user could be on-line on up-to four channels on one device and a different set of channels on the other device.  

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