Zinc is defining how enterprises with deskless workforces better communicate with the only All Mode Communication Platform that is mobile first, secure and designed for high adoption. Zinc 5 is the latest, product version that includes Push to Talk capabilities, Communication Analytics, Hands Free mode and an overall updated experience. 

Why did we make these changes? 

Zinc is constantly improving and enhancing the everyday user experience. We are committed to delivering product excellence with an enterprise grade, communication platform which is easy to use, yet provides the most effective and efficient modes of communication. That is why we’ve added Push to Talk adds a new communication mode on the platform. Communication Analytics allows management and executive teams to gain visibility into what’s happening on the front lines. Finally, the overall user experience has been enhanced with our updated UI, making Zinc even more intuitive and simple for teams to adopt and see results very quickly.

Push to Talk

Zinc now offers Push to Talk as an add-on feature for Zinc users. Push to Talk allows users to turn their devices into walkie talkies and stream/receive audio to any individual or groups in their organization with just a push of a button. Push to Talk works alongside all other modes, allowing users to easily switch from Messaging  to Voice, content sharing , photos and videos all in one application. 

To learn more about Zinc’s Push to Talk, please click here.

Hands Free

The Zinc Hands Free mode (previously known as Voice Assist) provides the ability to read aloud any text or voice message, that enables users to continuously stay in touch without having to take the the phone out. This is important for users that need to stay hands free for driving, working with machinery or dealing with customers. The Hands Free mode can easily be turned on and set for a specific amount of time, accessible under settings. 

To learn more about Zinc’s Hands Free mode, please click here

Communication Analytics

Zinc now offers analytics to show user engagement, conversation maps and networking. 

  • Engagement reports show the number of messages sent in a specific time period across a variety of parameters.
  • Conversation Maps show how different groups that exist within your organization communicate, how often, and what topics they are talking about. 
  • Network Maps show how users across your organization are communicating with each other, how often, and what gaps/disconnects there are.

To learn more about Communication Analytics, please click here.

Updated UI

Zinc has a brand new look and feel. We have a new logo and we’re going from red to purple!More importantly, our UI has been enhanced for a better user experience The major changes are:

  • New conversation starter menu. Our new conversation button makes it easy to start any mode of conversation. 
  • Fresh new color scheme: Our main colors are now purple, white and blue. We’ve moved away from the red to reflect our brand colors.
  • Reorganized conversation start buttons, so they are in consistent places on each screen.
  • New message bubble colours to improve use for visually impaired users.
  • New icons - Our main Zinc logo has a fresh new look.  We’ve also updated all our main icons and removed descriptions underneath for a cleaner, more uniform look.

Get the Update

Your apps will update automatically over the next 24 hours, but if you'd like to download the update directly, head over to zinc.it/download

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