We've continued to improve our Push to Talk capabilities in Zinc. This latest release includes updated enhancements to our PTT UI and channel capabilities.

Single & Multi Channel Mode
Users now have the option to choose to use either Single-Channel or Multi Channel mode. Single Channel modes offers a more streamlined experience for users that are typically on only one channel at a time.

For managers, supervisors or any other user that may need to listen to multiple channels, Zinc PTT offers Multi Channel Mode, allowing the user to stay in touch with 4 channels at once. Simply pick and choose which channels you want to focus on, or turn on one at a time using the Selected channel button. 

Single Channel Mode                                             Multi Channel Mode

Push to talk is now available to all android users. Update to version 5.1.0 to get all the PTT capabilities. Visit the Google Play store to get the latest version.

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