What is the difference between a group, a conversation and a channel?

  • A conversation is a collection of  message between users. Either 1:1 or between a group of users. 
  • A channel lets people stream Push to Talk messages back and forth to each other.  Each Push to Talk channel is automatically created when a group is created 
  • An Official Group is setup to help create structure within your Zinc Organization and these groups can only be created by Organization Admins or Team Admins. See more about Official Groups here.  When Push to Talk is enabled for an organization, Official Groups have the ability to become an “Open Channel” and allow anyone in the organization to easily join those channels without being invited. 

Use Case:  A hotel using Zinc has an Official group called the  banquet channel. Usually only everyone involved in setting up the banquet hall is involved. However, today there is a VIP guest and other teammates in organizations like security, front desk and hospitality need to join this Channel. Rather than adding each and everyone of those members to the Channel, the admin makes it a “Open Channel” so that others can easily join and talk to anyone that is in that channel.

How are the Push to Talk Channels set up?
Every Zinc group has a Push to Talk channel automatically created for it.  To set up a new channel, simply create a new group or conversation, add the users you want and add that group to your Push to Talk screen. 

Are there private channels?
Any channel you set up is private and secure. No-one can just join your channel without prior approval, or without being invited to a group. 

How do you provision who has access to what Channels in Push to Talk?
The Admin console is where you provision users, for any Zinc mode. Please visit our Admin section to learn more. 

Do you have public channels like Zello?
No, we are enterprise grade, only users in your organization can join your organization’s Channels.

How many channels can I have in an organization?
There is no limitation to the number of channels you can have in an organization. 

Why can I only be on 4 channels at the same time?
Zinc has determined that listening to more than 4 channels at a time can be difficult, especially if some of the conversations on the channel are very active. With the ability to talk and listen to any channels you have, it can become overwhelming. To eliminate this, we’ve restricted the number of channels you can listen to at 4. 

Channels can be added and removed quickly from the manage tab. The selected channel can be quickly made the only channel playing sound by tapping select from the Push-To-Talk screen.  

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