With Zinc Push to Talk, you have the option to choose whether to talk and listen to multiple channels, or just one channel. 

Single Channel Mode
Similar to a traditional walkie talkie device, Single Channel mode allows the user to listen and speak on only one channel. One channel can have one, or multiple people on it. If you want to listen to another channel, you would need to go to manage and choose the other channel you'd like to be part of.

This is ideal for users that are usually only working with one group of individuals and don't need to be part of multiple channels. This helps reduce noise and confusion on who's talking on what channel.

Multi Channel Mode
When a user is on Multi Channel mode, they can listen and participate in up to 4 channels. Once a user is on Multi Channel mode, they can choose to listen to All Channels, or just selected channels. 

To manage which 4 channels you want to listen to, go to Manage and search/choose which which channels you want to be part of.

Multi Channel is better suited for users that are accustomed to listening to many channels and are not distracted by multiple groups talking together at the same time. 

How to switch between Single and Multi Channel Modes
Go to Settings (Cog icon in right corner) => Choose whether you want Multiple Channel on/off => Click Done.

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