1) What happens when I have Hands-Free turned on and I use Push to Talk?

Hands-Free mode usually reads out all messages to you as they come in from text. If you have this on, and Push to Talk is on, Push to Talk takes precedent and messages from text will be delayed from playing aloud until Push to Talk is finished streaming messages. 

2) Does Zinc offer message replay for Push to Talk?

Not at this time. 

3) I see that someone is “active now” on the message timeline, why aren't they answering me on Push to Talk?

There are several reasons why you may see someone online, yet they aren’t answering your messages:

They might not have PTT turned on.

They may not have added the channel you’re on as one of their 4 channels. 

You can easily switch back to one of the other modes - Text, Call, Video chat, etc to try and reach them as well. 

4) Are there any analytics for Push to Talk?

At this time we don’t track anything that is Push to Talk based on analytics.

5) What happens if you are in Do Not Disturb mode?

Do not disturb will not stop Push to Talk messages from coming through.If you want to stop getting Push to Talk messages simply switch off Push to Talk. 

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