Broadcasts can be sent form the Admin console, or directly from your phone. Depending on your level of access, you can either send broadcasts to a user, a group, a broadcast list, or a folder. You also have options to send broadcast on behalf of your organization, or designate yourself as a sender.

Sending a Broadcast from the Admin Console:

Sending a Broadcast from the Broadcast panel
To start, go to the Broadcast within the side panel of your Admin console, and choose "Send Broadcast" to start composing a Broadcast. 

Then choose either the user, group, folder or broadcast list that you want to send to. Depending on your access level, you may only be able to send to groups or official groups that you are part of.

First you’ll need to select an audience for the broadcast you would like to send. Broadcasts can be sent to individuals, Official Groups, or all users. 

Once you’ve selected the recipients you would like to send a broadcast to, start composing your title, message and add any links you want to include,

You can then choose to send the message as yourself, or as your organization. 

Sending Broadcasts directly from an Official Group, Broadcast List or Admins

You can also send a broadcast within the User, Official Groups or Broadcast Lists panel.
Users Panel: Click on the individual (s) name(s) - [you can choose multiple] that you'd like to send a broadcast to. At the top left hand corner you can either send a broadcast to the individual, or add them to a list.

Official Group: Click on the Official group(s) [you can choose multiple] that you'd like to send broadcasts to. Once selected, you can compose your broadcast in the panel.

Broadcast Lists: This is where you go to create lists. You can also send broadcasts directly from this panel.

Expiry Dates

Finally you can also choose the expiration date of the broadcast to be a specific date, or to never expire.
Examples: For a broadcast that expires: A notice about an upcoming deadline for the employee survey with the deadline for Friday, after Friday the link is not needed anymore.
For a broadcast that never expires: A link to the employee handbook that people should always have access too.  

After a Broadcast has been sent, it is still possible to go back and edit the broadcast, as well as adjust when the broadcast will expire. Learn more about that here.

All Broadcast metrics are captured in the Broadcast panel. To learn more about what you can track, click here.

Sending a Broadcast from the your Phone:

Admins (Organizations and Team) and Broadcasters can all easily send broadcasts directly from their phone. 

To create an Broadcast, you can 

  1. Choose the Broadcast icon from the compose button
  2. Choose the compose broadcast icon in the top right corner within the broadcast screen.

In the composer, you can search for users, groups, folders or lists that you want to send to. Broadcasts can be sent a mix of any of these recipients (Ie you can send to an individual and a group, or just an individual, or a list and a group, etc)

Write in your title, message, and any link and click Next.
 Here you can also choose if you want the broadcast to be sent as yourself or the organization, and the expiration date.

To edit your broadcast, you'll need to go into the Admin console to make changes. 

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