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Zinc provides the ability to set up groups to acts as a hotline for teams to get immediate answers when on the job. Setting up a Hotline group is a great way to get immediate help from a central team. Members of the Hotline effectively take the next inbound request for help and conduct a 1:1 conversation to handle the issue. 

Why use a Hotline Group?

Hotline groups are great to help mitigate the number of emails, phone calls or rogue Zinc conversations a group of people may be getting to solve problems. This group of people could be experts, a specific department, or just individuals that are good at answering questions. By setting up a Hotline group you can: 

  • Enable employees to find answers quicker, and solve their problems easier. 
  • Bring organization to rogue questions that are being asked. 
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality of all users.
  • Track help requests inside the same platform where all communication conversations takes place.

When should I use/set up a Hotline Group?

Corporation: The HR/Benefit groups is getting more emails and phone calls and need a better way to organize and answer these questions. They would set up a HR/Benefit Hotline and identify the staff that would be responsible for answering questions.

End User: An end user would be someone in your organization that needs a question answered.

 For example, an employee realizes that his health benefits doesn't have his wife listed. He needs to talk to someone in HR/Benefits to try and solve this problem. He would message the HR/Benefits Hotline group.

How do I use the Hotline Group?

1. From your conversations, start a new message, and type in the name of the hotline in the "to" field. 

**Tip- Search "Hotline" to easily pull up all the Hotline Groups available to you**

2. Type your message into the chat window

3. A message will be sent to the Hotline Group, and an staff member will join you in the chat to address your question.

4. Once your message has been resolved, depending on your organization, your message will either be:

  1. Archived - No longer available to you.
  2. Closed - The content is available to you, but you are not longer able to talk to the requester without starting a new Hotline request.
  3. Stays Open: All staffers are still available to you and you can continue to talk and ask questions in your Hotline message. 

To see how to operate a Hotline, or set it up, please refer to these articles:
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