Can I break down the report by messages sent?

Yes, by hovering over the bar graph, you'll be able to see the specific number of messages sent by type. You can also choose the specific type of message sent by clicking on the data type in the legend of the graph. 

By breaking down the message type sent, management can better understand which modes their teams prefer and adjust their overall communications accordingly. 

How do I identify who’s sent messages?

The top users by activity table can tell you how many messages and calls a specific individual has made. You can also search for an individual to identify their usage. 

This chart helps management understand how teams are communicating with each other and focus on specific individuals who may be using more of Zinc. These people can be trainers for other teams on how to most effectively use Zinc. 

Can I break down activity by job title or location?

 Yes, if you have User Profiles enabled for your organization, Zinc activity levels can also be broken down by the properties that have been enabled (such as job title, location, team, etc). You'll see an additional section called "Segment", from there you can click on the property that you'd like to view information on.

The reports will then be broken down by the number of users in that specific segment. Users that don't have a property assigned to them will show up as null. 

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