What are Network reports? 

Network reports provide a visual of all conversations that are occurring across your organization. It helps quickly identify disconnected workers that are not communicating with their teams and help managers create engagement plans for these users.

It also provides a new level of understanding into how different groups communicate so management can identify team effectiveness, identify communication practices of different teams and find new best practices in communication patterns that can be applied to other team.

What do the circles represent? How do you read the report?

Each circle represents an individual in the organization. The larger the circle, the more messages  the individual has sent within the week or month (depending what time span is selected). Each line represents a messages between two users.  When a user sends a message to a group, a line is drawn between the user sending the message and each user in the group.  Circles that are not connected to others show users  that did not send or receive any messages for the selected time span. 

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