Broadcasts continue to be a vital communication tool between teams. Our enhancements to the tool make it even easier for users to broadcast important information to the right teams and users at the right time.

All Organization Access- There is now an option that allows Team Admins & Broadcasters the ability to broadcast to any Official Group or folder without having to ask for permission from the group's admin. This saves valuable time for users who may need to push out time-sensitive material to an Official Group that they have not communicated with in the past. 

This enhancement has also been added to the Zinc mobile apps. Now, when users with All Organization Access need to send a broadcast while on the go, they can easily find all the Official Groups in their organization. Users are also able to send broadcasts to folders and broadcast lists from the mobile app.

Lastly, we’ve updated the Admin Console to make it even easier to set up Broadcasts. Users can now send Broadcasts within a composer rather than having to choose an Official Group, user, or list to send to. They can search for the recipients similar to how you would compose and email.

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