All Organization Access is an additional option available to Team Admins and Broadcasters. It allows Team Admins and Broadcasters the ability to Broadcast to any Official Group or folder without having to find the admin of that group and ask for permission. This saves valuable time for users who may need to push out time-sensitive material to an Official Group that they have not communicated with in the past. 

Enabling All Organization Access

To activate All Organization Access, Organization Admins will need to grant it for Team Admins or Broadcasters. 

In order to do this, navigate to a user's profile from the Users tab, expand the Role panel, and click the "All organization access" check box. The user must first be assigned as a Team Admin or Broadcaster.

Additional Priviledges

Once granted, Broadcasters and Team Admins with All Organization Access will be able to:

  • View all Official Groups and their members

  • View user profiles, including each user's group memberships

  • Send Broadcasts to any official group in the organization

  • Send Broadcasts to the "All Users" group of the organization

For more detail on admin roles and privileges, please refer to this article.

How is this different from being an Organization Admin?

Organization Admins have additional privileges not available to Team and Broadcast Admins regardless of All Organization Access. Even with the addition of All Organization Access, Team and Broadcast admins cannot:

  • View or edit Broadcasts sent by other users in the Broadcasts tab in the admin console

  • Remove users from the organization or edit their admin role

  • View the analytics section of the admin console

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