Zinc file sharing infrastructure has been updated to lay the groundwork for sharing more file types.  In preparation for this upcoming change users need to be running the latest version of the Zinc desktop app version (5.0.2).  Another update will be available in the coming weeks to allow for more files types to be shared. 

What happens if I don't update my desktop client?

When you try to view documents in version 5.0.1 and older you will see a blank white screen and you will not be able to view the document.  The rest of the app will continue to function

How do I update my desktop client?

Click the "make it yours" link in the notification you see in the bottom of the Zinc client

I can't update right now, how can I view a document?

Zinc recommends to always be running the latest version of the desktop app, but if needed you can simply navigate to the Zinc web client to see the document http://www.zinc-app.com 

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