Welcome to Zinc! Here are some quick things you should do to get started:

Sign in to Zinc

Unless you are the first person of your organization, you should have been added to Zinc by an administrator. Look for an email from your administrator with an invitation to the organization. Learn more about signing into Zinc.

Set up your profile and Add your phone number

Adding your profile information and your phone number makes it easier for your teammates to find you. Adding a phone number also provides enhanced calling flexibility, allowing colleagues to reach you through a cellular connection in addition to VoIP.

Download Zinc Desktop and Mobile/Tablet Apps

Zinc makes it easy for users to work on multiple devices and carry their conversations from one device to another. 

Visit: www.servicemax.com/download#zinc to download the right application for your device. Zinc has native apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

We also have a web-based version so you can log in from any browser. Just visit www.zinc-app.com and input your email address to sign in.

All Mode Communications

Zinc offers many different modes of communication: Text, Video, Voice, Broadcast, and Multimedia sharing, all in one app. Easily switch between modes by pressing the center button (side button on Android).

Quick Product Walk Thru

This is the main screen where all your conversations live.

  1. Easily start a 1:1 or Group conversation by selecting the new message button. 

  2. Settings allows you to set up your profile, put your status on Hands-Free or Do Not Disturb, and set up integrations to external files.

  3. Add users or groups

  4. The Center button pulls up all your communication modes.

  5. Broadcasts are short, important messages that are sent by your management teams in push notification form.

  6. Conversations is where all your 1:1 and group conversations live.

  7. Select the magnifying glass to easily search for people, groups, or messages within your organization. 

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