Before setting up a Hotline Group, make sure you've found and communicated with users that have been identified as staffers their responsibilities. Please refer to How to Operate a Hotline Group to learn more.

How do I set it up?

You can either create a new Hotline group, or make an existing group into a hotline. Hotlines can be set up in the Admin console. 

To create a new one:

  1. Go to Official Groups
  2. Go to create a new Official Group

Add all users that you want to be STAFFERS of the group. Staffers are the people in the group that will answer incoming questions.
Click Create Group

3. Go to Group Settings
Scroll to Hotlines and click "Add Hotline"

4. Give your Hotline a name- the name MUST be at least two words.
Pick an emoji to help you identify the group. 

Examples of Hotlines: Service Team Hotline, Inventory Hotline, HR/Benefits Hotline, etc. 

This is the group that will be used by staffers to queue up questions, discuss who should take what question, and converse amongst each other to solve a problem. Users that asked the questions will not see the conversations occurring here.

Now that you have got your Hotline Group set up. You are ready to start receiving and answering Hotline questions. 

Learn how to operate your Hotline Group. 

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