Before setting up a Hotline Group, make sure you have identified and educated the staffers that will answer inbound support requests. Please refer to How to Operate a Hotline Group to learn more.

How do I set it up?

You can either create a new Hotline Group, or turn an existing official group into a Hotline. Hotlines can be set up in the Admin console. 

To create a new one:

  1. Select 'Hotlines' in the left navigation of the admin console

  2. Select 'New Hotline' in the upper right corner

  3. Enter a name for the Hotline

4. Choose to either create a new queue group or use an existing group

5. If creating a new queue group, add all users that you want to be STAFFERS of the Hotline. Staffers are the people in the group that will answer incoming questions. When complete, select 'Add Hotline Staffers'.

NOTE: if using an existing group to create your Hotline, all members of that group will become staffers.

Now that you have created a new Hotline, let's review some of the advanced configuration available for use.

A. Name

Select the dropdown to alter your Hotline name or to choose a unique emoji. Emoji's are visible to end users and can help these users quickly recognize a desired Hotline visually.

B. Bot Response Text

It is now possible to configure the bot response text based on whether your Hotline is open for business or closed for the day. You can configure one custom bot response during open hours and a second, unique, bot response when the Hotline is closed.

C. Open Hours

This allows admins to set the hours of operation for each Hotline and apply a default time zone.

You can choose to either set these hours manually, or copy the hours of another Hotline that is already configured. To begin, select 'Set Custom Hours'.

D. Transcript Emails

Each time a Hotline request is closed, it is possible to systematically deliver a transcript of the conversation to an email address of your choosing. Many organizations choose to deliver these into a separate Zinc group using a notification bot. Add the desired email addresses for transcript delivery and select 'Save'.

Now that your Hotline is set up, you are ready to start receiving and answering Hotline questions. 

Learn how to operate your Hotline Group. 

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