Zinc provides the ability to set up groups to acts as a hotline for teams to get immediate answers when on the job. Setting up a Hotline group is a great way to get immediate help from a central team. Members of the Hotline effectively take the next inbound request for help and conduct a 1:1 conversation to handle the issue. 

Why use a Hotline Group?

Hotline groups are great to help mitigate the number of emails, phone calls or rogue Zinc conversations a group of people may be getting to solve problems. This group of people could be experts, a specific department, or just individuals that are good at answering questions. By setting up a Hotline group you can: 

  • Enable employees to find answers quicker, and solve their problems easier. 

  • Make it easier for people to talk across department or functional lines. 

  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality of all users.

  • Track help requests inside the same platform where all communication conversations takes place.

How do I use the Hotline Group?

1. From the mobile app, select the '+' symbol to open the quick access bar:

2. Select the 'hotlines' icon:

3. Select the appropriate Hotline from the list or use the search bar to narrow down your results.

Alternatively, from the conversations pane, start a new message and type in the name of the hotline in the "to" field. 

**Tip - Search "Hotline" to easily pull up all the Hotline Groups available to you**

4. Type your message into the chat window

5. A message will be sent to the Hotline Group and a staff member will join you in the chat to address your question.

6. The staffer will leave the conversation when they are finished helping you. 

To see how to operate a Hotline, or set it up, please refer to these articles:
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