What is the Zinc and ServiceMax integration?

The Zinc and ServiceMax integrated solution streamlines work order completion by connecting ServiceMax data to Zinc, an All-Mode Communication platform designed for deskless workers. Technicians can create conversations within the context of ServiceMax work orders, accounts, installed products and contacts. 

Why was it created?

In order for technicians to be able to effectively complete their work, it’s important that they can connect in real time with the people, knowledge and resources necessary for high levels of performance and engagement. Zinc is an All-Mode Communication platform that enables technicians to communicate 1:1, in groups, share content (files, photos, recordings) all in one place. By integrating Zinc to ServiceMax, technicians can now easily pull all team members and resources together into a conversation in real time. When issues arise, technicians can easily send photos or videos of the situation. Finally, communication history is accessible for future review, analysis and customer success initiatives through quick links in ServiceMax and search in Zinc. 

How does it work?

Zinc’s iOS, and desktop apps support universal deep links. Once Zinc has been set up in ServiceMax as a custom button or link, the Zinc application (or web browser app) automatically starts or opens a conversation in Zinc right into the conversation related to that object (ie, workorder, installed product, account, or contact).

What devices does this integration work on?

Zinc’s integration with Servicemax works on the ServiceMax iphone or ipad app. It also works from the desktop application and web browsers- Chrome, Safari and Windows explorer. 

How do I use it? 

You can start conversations around any type of ServiceMax object, including custom objects.

From the ServiceMax app, simply click on Actions, and you’ll see the option to start a Zinc conversation. This button will automatically open up a conversation for you. 

From Zinc, you can go to New Message and start typing in the Work Order number to start a Group conversation about the work order. 

How do I connect (deep link) to ServiceMax from Zinc? 

To connect to ServiceMax from Zinc, you can go to either your phone or the web client and click on settings:

From Settings, click on Salesforce and put in your ServiceMax account login and password. Once this has been completed your ServiceMax account information is now deep linked to Zinc.

If I use ServiceMax and Salesforce in a single instance can I still use this integration?

Yes, the Zinc integration connects to ServiceMax through Salesforce.com oAuth, so the integration will work seamlessly with your combined ServiceMax and Salesforce instance.  Connecting to a combined ServiceMax and Salesforce instance will also expose Cases and Opportunities as objects for contextual conversations.  

How do I provision Zinc?

In general, organizations should provision Zinc to be used as their main field service communication tool. This ensures that all conversations are consistently occurring in Zinc and the context and history are being kept. 

You can link Zinc to your external directories to easily sync all your organizations. We support Azure Active directory and Okta. Once they are synced, whenever a user is created in the external directory, they’ll be created in Zinc, as well as when they are deleted, they’ll automatically be deleted from Zinc. 

Learn more about external directories and provisioning in Zinc. 

Can I add people to a Zinc conversation created from a ServiceMax object?

Yes, if it’s it the first time a conversation is being created around an object, you’ll be prompted to add users. Zinc will suggest people to be added to your conversation based on historical information around the Work Order or Installed Part stored in ServiceMax. 

If a conversation has already been created before around the object, you'll be added to the existing conversation.

Once a conversation has been created, you can add users by clicking on the conversation name. This will take you into the group settings where you can add members and remove members.

Can I change the name of a Zinc conversation created from a ServiceMax object?

Yes, by default, your conversation will be named based on what the object was named. For example, your Work Order conversations will appear as WO-00009310. 

To change the name, click on the arrow beside the name to take you to the group settings. Under the Work order name, you’ll see edit name. Click on that to change the name of the group. 

Can I add people to the conversation even if they don’t have Zinc?

If a person doesn’t have Zinc yet, you can invite them by adding their email address. They will receive a link in their email telling them to join Zinc and a link to download.

What is the pricing of this?

There is no additional pricing for Zinc or ServiceMax users. Users only need to have purchased a license of ServiceMax and Zinc.

Is there a discount to purchase ServiceMax and Zinc together?

Please contact your sales team for more information. 

Once you start a conversation, what else can you do in Zinc?

Zinc is an All Mode Communication platform, allowing users to communicate in multiple modes. Once inside Zinc, you can start a phone call or conference call, share videos and files, or send Broadcasts. For an overview of Zinc, please read our Getting Started Guide.

Is it required for a user to have the Zinc app installed in order for us to talk to them? 

No, Zinc works on any web browser as well. As long as a user has a Zinc account, they’ll be able to start a conversation in the web browser version without having the app downloaded.

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