We've made it easier to manage large groups of users in Zinc. Easily add multiple users to groups, change their access levels and see more details about users.  

Here are the updates that we've made:

  1. User profile screen -  we've replaced the current user profile modal with a full screen so there is visibility into admin right and group memberships of users. This makes it easier to assign admin privileges quickly, grant admin rights to multiple groups, view group membership and add users to multiple groups. 

  2. Multi-Select Users - Admins can now select multiple users from the user screen and add them to an official group. previously only one could be selected at a time. 

  3. Bulk Invitation -  Admins can now select multiple pending users that have yet to accept their Zinc invitation and resend. Previously Admins would have to select users individually.

Learn more about Admin console.

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