To set up Zinc for ServiceMax:

Step 1.  From a web browser connected to the internet / login to your ServiceMax instance.

Step 2.  Using Classic View of ServiceMax, Navigate to the Work Order Tab

Step 3.  Select Create New Field from the sidebar menu on the right side of the page.  (You can also navigate to Setup from your home screen, under Create /Objects, select Work Order.  Under Custom Fields & Relationships, select New) 

Step 4. Create a new field on the Work Order Object

  1. Create new field called “Zinc External ID”

  • Field Data Type = Formula/Text

  • Field Label = Zinc External Id

  • Field Name = Zinc_External_ID

  • In the formula box type:  "smax-workorder-" & CASESAFEID(id)

Step 5. Create a New SFM Custom Action to Launch Zinc from a Work Order

  1. Navigate to ServiceMax Setup / Service Flow Manager / SFM Custom Actions 

  2. From the “Manage Customer Actions for” picklist, Select Work Order

  3. From “User Defined Custom Actions select New / Action Type App to App

  4. Add the following values to create the new custom action:

  • Action Title = Zinc 

  • Action Id = Zinc_Actions

  • Schema Name = zinc

  • Path = /cnv

  • Include Object data = UNCHECKED

  • Add New Parameter

  • Parameter Name = external_id

  • Parameter Value Type = Field Name

  • Parameter Value = Zinc_External_id

Step 6. Add the New Zinc Custom Action to Work Order SFM Wizard.  

Step 7. Connect ServiceMax to the Zinc App

  • If Zinc is not already installed on your iPad, go to the apple app store and search for “Zinc All Mode Communication.”  Install Zinc

  • Open Zinc and sign in or create a new account

  • From Zinc Setup, Under Connected Accounts, select salesforce and sign in with your ServiceMax User Name and Password.

You Are Now Connected from Zinc to ServiceMax and from ServiceMax to Zinc

To Test the Integration please refer to the Use Case Document and Video for Example

Links to Use Cases and Video Demo

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