Now that you've decided to add User profiles to your organization, here are some guidelines on what you'll need to provide Zinc. 

 1) Decide what properties you want to appear in Zinc. What type of information your teams would want to have when they are out in the field. Is knowing the skill level, geography and working hours more important than reporting structure?

2) Properties schema defines the order in which properties show up on users profile. On a typical phone screen, about 3 properties are shown above the "Show more" button. Consider which properties should be the first ones to appear. These should be broadly informative and short. Good examples include job title, company division and location. Properties such as a long list of job skills may not be the best experience.

3) Properties schema also defines the default display property that'll show up underneath each of your users name. 

4) Once you've defined the properties you'd like to include, you'll work with Zinc to sync these properties from your system via Zinc' SCIM API.

Properties will only be visible to users that in the same Zinc organization as  you.

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