This is a summary of the types of Zinc API calls and the allocations for the various tiers.

Zinc has three levels of APIs:

How are API calls determined?

Zinc defines an API call as any HTTP/S request that does not originate from a Zinc client.

What API endpoint are available?

/scim* manage users, groups, and user properties.

/hooks send Zinc message to Zinc users through an API call. 

What happens if you exceed the API limit for the level you are at?

Your API calls will still go through, however, Zinc will be alerted that you are over your limit and a representative will be in contact to discuss license upgrades. 


Standard API access is included in with a Zinc subscription.  For user that need a higher volume of API calls/month, extra API calls can be purchased. Please contact your Zinc representative for more information.

*Calls made from an external directory for user replication via the SCIM endpoint count towards your allotted monthly API call count. 

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