Zinc has made some changes to the Analytics reports! We wanted to streamline the way we present our communication analytics, so we've created some new report types and added a way for users to download data. 

Here's a summary of what's new:

1) New Report Types: Our reports are now broken down by Activity, Groups, Memberships and Network. 

Activity Report: Similar to what previously was the Engagement report, this report shows the activity levels of all Zinc users by the type of message sent (text, image, video, etc).

Group Reports: This report shows administrators the level of activity broken down by each type of Zinc Group (Official, Ad hoc, as well as un-named Ad-hoc groups). Group reports also allow you to get insights into the creation of new groups, and how active groups are.

Membership Report: Now you have a way to easily track users that are being added or invited to Zinc and if they've accepted or not.

Network Report: This is a visual representation of your organization's Zinc usage. 

2)  View messages sent by file type

Now within all your Activity report, you can view usage by type of message sent - text, voice, images, content, video, etc.

3) Export data for In-depth analysis

Users can now export a CSV file of all the communication data to be analyzed outside Zinc. Build your own tables and reports in Excel, Tableau or any other program.

Read more about all the changes on our blog and our help site. 

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