What is the Broadcast Content Hub?

The Content Hub is the area to access and view all your Broadcasts and content associated with the broadcasts. This is a great place for organizations to share and keep important information and content.

Broadcast Content Hub on phone:

Broadcast Content Hub on Desktop:

What type of content can I keep here?

From product operating manuals, installation guides and training materials to corporate videos and lunch menus, Zinc allows you to easily share this information directly as a media attachment or through a link.

How does it work?

Any Broadcast that is sent is shared in this area. Easily scroll through the hub to view relevant content assets and updates. 

Administrators can keep the Broadcast content hub up to date by expiring and editing dates for Broadcasts that have been sent. Set expiry dates for Broadcast that will lose relevance (Ie- Enrollment reminders or Weather alerts). For content that should live longer- training manuals, customer forms, etc, set the broadcast to have no expiry date so it's always available in the content hub to view.

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