Sometimes you may have a group conversation that's very busy and there are a lot of messages coming in. You don't have time to read the messages but don't want to leave the group. To stay connected but stop notifications from coming in, you can mute a conversation.

Once a conversation is muted, you won't get any notifications whenever a new message comes in. You can choose to mute a conversation for 1 hour, until 8:00am the next day, or until you choose to unmute.

On your phone

  • Swipe left on the conversation that you'd like to mute.

  • Choose to mute the conversation for 1 hour, Until the next morning at 8am, or until you unmute. 

On the computer:

  • Hover over the conversation that you'd like to mute with your mouse

  • Click on the Bell icon to mute. 

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