In addition to text and URL links, Broadcasts can include media such as images, videos, and files. Use broadcast media to send out training manuals, safety videos, or simply to add additional context to an important announcement. Any media that you sent with a broadcast will be viewable in a recipients Broadcast Content Hub until the broadcast expires.


Supported formats: png, jpeg, gif

Attach an image up to 150 MB to any broadcast. Zinc will embed a thumbnail preview in the broadcast that can then be clicked by the recipient to view the full resolution image. Zinc supports sending animate GIFs in broadcasts as well.


Supported format: MP4

Zinc broadcasts support video attachments up to 150 MB, with high resolution videos be transcoded down to 720HD for viewing. Recipients can play the video directly within Zinc without having to leave the app.


Supported formats: pdf, csv, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, txt, md, xml, json

Zinc broadcasts can also include files of a variety of types. Where possible Zinc will embed a preview thumbnail of the file within the body of the broadcast. The recipient can view a full preview of the file from within Zinc as well as download the file directly to their device.


Users on versions of Zinc prior to 5.6.0 who receive a broadcast with media will not be able to view the media directly, but will instead be presented with a link to view the content in their web browser.

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