Once you have your Hotline set up, and you've identified the staff, you'll be able to start taking and answering questions that come into the queue. (Users can be identified as staff members in the Admin console. Learn more about setting up Hotlines here.)

Incoming Messages

When a user has a question:

  • They'll send a message to your Hotline

  • A request will show up at the top of staffers' Conversations screens.

  • When a staffer clicks on a request they'll be added to the conversation with the requester and be assigned the request.

  • A message with a link to the request conversation is also silently sent to the group conversation the Hotline is attached to.  Staffers can use these messages and links as a record of past hotline requests, and as a way to join past request conversations.

What a person sees when they send a message to a hotline:

What a hotline staffer sees when someone sends a message to the hotline:

Handling a Request

When a staffer wants to assign themselves a request and help the requester out, they can simply click on the request at the top of the Conversations list.  This will automatically add them to the conversation with the requester and assign the request to themselves. 

Best Practices:

  • After joining the request conversation staffers can change the conversation title to something useful that summarizes the issue. 

  • Staffers, and requesters, can always add people to the the conversation if they would be helpful.

Completing a Request

Once a request is completed, the staffer can click the "Done" button to mark the request complete and remove themselves from the conversation.

Accessing Detailed Request Information

Each Hotline staffer is also part of a queue group that the Hotline Bot is systematically connected to. The queue group allows staffers to view various information about the request. Each time a Hotline request is created, a message card is triggered and sent into the queue group. This message card will automatically update each time the status of a request changes:

Once the request is claimed, notice that the message card will update to reflect the change in status:

NOTE: selecting 'View More' will allow a staffer to preview the entire request conversation, regardless of whether they own the request or not:

Once the request is closed, the message card will update once again to indicate that the problem has been resolved:

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