We're excited to announce the release of Zinc 5.12, which has two key new features:  changing the request assignee and high-visibility desktop notifications.

Changing a hotline request's assignee works a lot like transferring a request to a different hotline, which has been available since Zinc 5.11.  Instead of searching for a hotline to transfer to, search for a coworker who you want to assign the request.

When you change who a request is assigned to, the new assignee is notified and automatically added to the request conversation.

Zinc 5.12 for web and desktop also introduces high-visibility notifications, which make notifications for unread messages and requests more noticeable.   Users can turn on high-visibility notifications in the Notifications Settings panel.  While enabled, the app icon or browser tab will flash, and a reminder notification will be posted periodically as long as they have unread messages or unseen hotline requests.

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