Understanding Hotline request completion

When a Hotline request is completed, the staffer can click the "Done" button to mark the request complete and remove themselves from the conversation.

Once "Done" is selected, subsequent messages from the requester will generate a new Hotline request. However, what if the requester is just trying to thank the staffer for a job well done? Do we really want this to generate another Hotline request?

Words that will not generate a Hotline (aka 'Stop List')

In order to mitigate this phenomenon, textual analysis was used to isolate specific words and phrases that will not create a Hotline request. Assuming a message is less than six (6) words and contains any of the following, a Hotline request will not be created:

  • thank

  • thanks

  • thankyou

  • thanx

  • thnx

  • thx

  • ty

  • ok

  • copy

  • 104

  • 10/4

  • roger

  • 👍

  • rhanks

  • yhanks

  • ghanks

  • fhanks

  • k

  • kk

  • gracias

  • t y

To illustrate this functionality, consider the following examples:

  • "Thanks, have a good day." This will not generate a Hotline request ('thanks' is on the stop list and the message contains fewer than six (6) words).

  • "Thanks. Now there's another problem with the equipment." This will generate a Hotline request (although 'thanks' is present, the message exceeds six (6) words).

Exceptions to the 'Stop List'

It should be noted that messages containing any of the following will create a Hotline request, even if a 'Stop List' entity is also present:

  • any

  • ?

  • please

  • any number greater than four (4) digits


  • "Thanks. Any more jobs?" This will generate a Hotline request (although 'thanks' is on the stop list, the '?' creates an exception).

For more information on Hotlines, refer to our knowledge base here:
Setting up Hotline Groups

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