Zinc supports two primary options for user sign-in: email sign-in and Salesforce sign-in. Either sign-in mode can support single sign-on (SSO). Each organization must be configured for either email-sign in or Salesforce sign-in. When setting up your Zinc organization you should decide which sign-in mode is right for you.

Salesforce Sign-in

  • Users enter their Salesforce account credentials on the Zinc sign-in screen.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) will be used if it is configured for Salesforce. Users will follow the same SSO process as they would if they were signing in to the Salesforce app.

  • Salesforce sign-in is recommended for all organizations where all Zinc users also have Salesforce accounts, and especially for organizations that use other ServiceMax products in addition to Zinc.

  • See this article to learn more about Salesforce sign-in.

Email Sign-In

  • Users enter their email address, receive a sign-in code via email, then enter the sign-in code to access Zinc.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) can be configured specifically for Zinc. Users will be prompted to sign in via their SSO provider instead of entering a code. SSO must be configured specifically for Zinc.

  • Email sign-in is recommended for organizations where Zinc users do not have Salesforce accounts.

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