If you’re a first time user to Zinc, getting started all begins with signing in. Most likely you’ll be joining an organization (like your place of work) that is already established within Zinc. If this is the case, a Zinc administrator should have sent you an invitation to join the org in Zinc via your work email. 

If you are a new user not a part of an organization, and wish to start your own organization's Zinc communication network, go to https://zinc-app.com/ to sign up.

To sign in:

  1. The invitation email will contain a link to Zinc's web app. This will take you to sign into the Zinc Web-based App.

Alternatively, you can also download the desktop app and the mobile app. Go here to download. www.zinc.it/download 

2. Type in your work email and click the "Login" button. 

3. Enter your first name, last name, and work email address and click the"Sign Up" button. This will send an email to that address with a unique 4 digit security code. Look for an email from Zinc that says Verification Code: XXXX

4. Type in the 4 digit security code to the box provided in the Zinc welcome screen. This security code is only valid for this account for 24 hours. You will be sent a new code if you need to sign in again.

5. You're In! You are now ready to start using Zinc. 

Next step is to start setting up your profile and add a phone number to your account. 

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