It's important to note that the only events that will sync with the calendar are those that include multiple attendees - this is so you can message the other event attendees (ie "caught in traffic - running 5 minutes late, start meeting without me")

First check that you've allowed your calendar to sync:

  1. Go into the "settings" app

  2.  Click "Privacy"

  3. Click "Calendar"

  4. Slide the toggles next to the Zinc app so it is green

If you've done this and are still having issues you may not have your work calendar synced as the default on your phone.

Should this be the case you can follow these steps to get the correct calendar linked:

  1. Going into the "setting" app

  2. Clicking on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  3. Clicking on your work email address

  4. Slide the toggles next to the correct calendar so it is green

(if the correct calendar don't show up go back to step 3. and select iCloud and slide the toggles so the one next to your work calendar is green)

For Android devices, calendars will automatically sync with Zinc so no action is required.

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