Bots allow you to connect to external systems so that they can push information into Zinc as messages. Any system that generated email notifications can be connected to Zinc through a Bot.

Some uses for Bots include sending…

  • alerts into a geographically specific official group

  • ...opportunity updates from a CRM into a sales team group

  • media updates into a general news official group

To create a new Bot:

  1. Go to the Official Group that you want to add the notification bot to.

  2. Click settings at the top beside the title of the Official Group

  3. In the "Notification Bots" section click "Add Notification Bot"

  4. If this is the first bot created for the Official Group the bot's default name will be the name of the Official Group. 

  5. Change the name and avatar as needed

  6. Copy this email address, any emails sent to this address will show up in the official group. For example, by signing up for daily updates about the weather from, and using the generated email address, the bot will send these updates to the Official Group you’ve chosen.

  7. Add more bots if you have different sources of information, or reuse one bot in to receive information from difference sources

The new Bot will now send notifications from the app of your choice, to the group you’ve chosen for the Bot to notify.

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