All named Zinc Groups (both Official and Ad Hoc) contain a unique Invitation Link in their group conversation settings page. This invitation link allows any user in a group to invite many different Zinc users (or even non-Zinc users) to this group. Tap and hold the button that reads “Invitation Link is Enabled” to copy the URL. By doing so, you can paste the link into other Zinc groups, text messages, or emails to share an open invitation. 

If an existing Zinc user clicks the Invitation Link, they will automatically join the associated group. 

If someone who is not yet a Zinc user clicks the Invitation Link, they will be brought to the Zinc welcome screen and prompted to create a Zinc account. Once they have created an account, they will then be able to join the group. Note: this does not invite them to join your Zinc organization.

In most cases, the easiest way to invite another user to a group is to use the Add Members button in the group's settings page. However, there are a few scenarios where you will find invitation links to be more effective:

  1. When inviting users from another app or platform. For example, if you are moving your team off of WhatsApp into Zinc, try using Invitation Links to move users over from existing WhatsApp groups into the new corresponding Zinc groups.

  2. When group membership is optional. Rather than adding a user to a group directly, sharing an invitation link allows recipients to choose whether or not they wish to join the group.

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