Zinc offers Single Sign On (SSO) integration, including partnerships with preferred providers, to make access to Zinc seamless and secure for all of your users. This article provides an overview of the SSO integration;  to visit the SSO Implementation Guide, click here.

SSO Server

Zinc’s Single Sign On (SSO) server connects your existing SAML-based SSO server to automatically log in and provision your users based on your authentication mechanisms. In order to set this up, you will need to coordinate with Zinc’s Customer Success team as configurations must be made to both your SSO server and Zinc’s SSO server.


When fully configured, the user login experience will change significantly. When users from your domain(s) attempt to log in, they will be redirected to your SSO server, where they will enter their corporate username and password. After a successful login, they will be logged in to Zinc’s mobile, desktop or web applications.

Note: Since this will greatly change the user login experience, we strongly recommend reviewing, customizing, and distributing the communications templates included in the accompanying Zinc SSO Rollout Communications Guide to your users before going live with SSO for your Zinc account.

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